Do your own father enjoys another wife?

Jumin, are you presently okay? (Jumin) Regardless of, I believe it was impolite of you to accomplish this in front side of your father. (Jaehee)

I believe these are generally back into are relatives (Zen) Jumin, you’ll have apologized back at my Zenny, because you made him damage his feet.(*Zen)

Jumin, do i need to ask you what happened that have Echo Lady yesterday? (Zen) However I want to end up being smart. I am the latest passion for his lifestyle

I really hope nothing crappy happens… I’m worried. (Zen) I’m sure it is little. Zen would be mine whatever the goes

Jaehee.. I’m sure it’s exhausting working towards the each one of these pet methods. (Jaehee) I’m hoping the thing is that people nice. (Jumin)

We should chat to my Zenny…! Today!! )*Zen) Jeahee, hang in there. (Jaehee) I can’t end considering Mirror Girl. You don’t consider she’ll harm Zen, can you? (Zen)

My children told you…

Zero they won’t. You wash living. (Zen) Heck zero to help you narcissism. (*Zen Break) lolol We all know my main’s good looking

omg… what exactly is completely wrong with your parents. Was the envious? (*Zen) Oh today… Was not you to hurtful? (Zen) Perhaps they wanted that research difficult. (Zen)

I am glad that you’re setting up regarding your family unit members… (Zen) Ignore your family… and concentrate toward myself, Zenny. (*Zen)

That’s… thus sad. (Zen) Eliminate your past, Zenny!! (*Zen) I suppose your weren’t good in the past. (*Zen Crack?)

This is from family members

Zen does not need to head to a center getting their narcissism hahah Do not think we want ot ask him or her I do believe they would-be fun. Why don’t we ask them

I was prepared to Zen open up. (Zen) I happened to be astonished; I would like your so you can skip their mothers today. (*Zen)

Love was more powerful than bloodstream. I do not have to lose Zenny so you’re able to relatives. (*Zen) Let me support Zen if the the guy actually accumulates the latest courage (Zen)

Do you consider their skill… arises from their members of the family too? (Yoosung) Zen will not own almost anything to anyone! Their moms and dad have absolutely nothing regarding they. (*Zen) I’m curious from just what our kids manage seem like center (Zen)

It’s more than

Zen… first make an effort to calm down. Don’t allow the newest mass media will you! (Zen) 7! Cannot we discover their address!? I must go there. (*Zen)

Mirror Women’s the one who performed something amiss by the lying… Please don’t allow it to get to you. (Zen) Zen… Absolutely nothing really took place which have Mirror Girl, right!? Tell me the fact. (*Zen)

Never be on the news which have a celebrity once again!! I have to protect you. (*Zen) I can’t believe they’re having fun with you love that it… I am therefore mad, but I know this might be hardest to you Zen. (Zen)

I’m just worried that you’ll get hurt… We frankly just want you to end pretending. (*Zen) You probably did nothing wrong… No actor will have turned-down and opportunity that way. You know that. (707 + Zen)

Zen… In my opinion you happen to be too mental nowadays. Firt… make an effort to calm down, and you can let’s al attempt to build a solution. (Zen) Just retire… and you can real time a pleasurable existence with me. After all they. (*Zen)

Do you think Reflect Girl contains the news in her give? (Zen) Only stand still. He’ll remain running away and you may save money time with me today. (*Zen)

Hmm… Is there some thing we could do? (Zen + 707) Do not waste the cash and you can please merely assist Zen and that i getting pleased alone together. (*Zen)

I’m not sure what you are contemplating… however, excite manage what you for Zen (Zen + 707) Whatever the goes, Zen and that i are likely to hightail it together with her

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