Whenever can it be permissible to have a lady to locate the girl deal with?

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More best viewpoint, that’s supported by proof, is the fact it is obligatory to afford face, ergo ladies are forbidden to find their faces at the front out of low-mahram boys to prevent people mischief, as well as will be able to get it done when there is concern about fitnah (temptation).

About base, the fresh fuqaha’ stated that in some situations, women are allowed to figure out their confronts facing non-mahram guys if it’s necessary to do it, and it is permitted for those guys to take on him or her, so long as that it do not go beyond the latest bounds off exactly what becomes necessary, since what’s enabled on the basis of need shouldn’t getting exaggerated.

It’s let for a lady to discover the woman deal with and you can hand before one who would like to want to their, making sure that he might find them, without having to be alone with her and you can instead coming in contact with this lady, just like the face gives an indication of ugliness or beauty, additionally the hand render a sign of whether the body is slender or plump (which often gets an impression regarding virility).

Abu’l-Faraj al-Maqdisi said: “The scholars don’t disagree from what permissibility regarding lookin at the deal with… the focus from charm, the place one to investigates…”

Of many ahaadeeth imply that it is permissible having men so you’re able to go through the girl to who he’s suggesting ong them would be the following:


Sahl ibn Sa’d (e on Live messenger out of Allaah (peace and blessings out-of Allaah be on your) and you may told you, ‘O Messenger out-of Allaah, I came to bring me to you in marriage.’ Therefore, the Live messenger regarding Allaah (peace and you can blessings out-of Allaah getting up on him) checked out the lady, the guy raised his look and stared at the girl, then reduced their head. If the woman saw he hadn’t made people ong his Companions endured up and told you, ‘O Messenger from Allaah, if not should wed their, following wed the lady in my experience.’ …”

Abu Hurayrah (could possibly get Allaah appreciate your) said: “I became for the Prophet , and you will a guy found your and advised him which he got partnered a female of Ansaar. The fresh new Live messenger out-of Allaah (peace and you can blessings away from Allaah end up being on your) said, ‘Perhaps you have tested the girl?’ The guy said, ‘Zero.’ The guy said, ‘Wade and check out the woman, for there’s something on the sight of your Ansaar.’”

Jaabir (will get Allaah be happy with him) reported that the fresh Live messenger away from Allaah (serenity and blessings off Allaah be abreast of him) said: “Whenever some of your implies relationship so you’re able to a lady, in the event the he can view what tend to prompt your so you’re able to feel free to marry this lady, let him do it.”

(Reported because of the Abu Dawood and you can al-Haakim. Its isnaad try hasan, as there are corroborating evidence on the hadeeth out of Muhammad ibn Muslimah. It actually was classified since saheeh because of the Ibn Hibbaan and you may al-Haakim. It was including advertised by Ahmad and you can Ibn Maajah, and by Ahmad and al-Bazzaar from the hadeeth out-of Abu Humayd. Fath al-Baari, 9/181).

Al-Zayla’i said: “This isn’t permissible for your to touch her deal with otherwise hand – even if he seems you to zero attention will be horny from the doing so – because it’s haraam and there is no need to manage thus.” Within the Durar al-Bihaar they states: “This is simply not permissible https://kissbrides.com/island-women/ to the qaadi, new witnesses or the groom to the touch their, whether or not they think you to definitely no attract would be naughty by the doing this, since there is its not necessary regarding.”

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